The Basics

Meet the farmer!

Mat is the owner/operator of Capital Greens. The farm has grown substantially since his early days growing in suburban yards he transformed into gardens, but the core missions remain unchanged: provide the Ottawa community with delicious organic produce, nurture a connection between people and their food, and improve the local environment/ecosystem while doing it.

Capital Greens is located on unceded Algonquin territory that is now known as Ottawa. We rent a plot of land at the Just Food Farm in Blackburn Hamlet, a small community in the Greenbelt, just east of downtown Ottawa.

Currently, we have ~3/4 an acre in production, and ~1/2 an acre in cover crop.

Yes. We have been using organic methods since our first year farming in 2016, and all of our products are now certified organic by Ecocert Canada. We proudly grow our vegetables in healthy, living soils rather than hydroponically in chemical nutrient solutions.

In the Spring and Early Summer, we focus our efforts on growing a wide variety of vegetable and herb seedlings (as well as some flowers!) to supply to local gardeners and farmers alike. You can even order seedlings online!

As the season progresses, we move on to growing organic produce that we distribute through a vegetable subscription program, at farmer’s market, and through some wholesale clients.

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